Destination: Sagada, Mt. Province
When: March 11-14, 2010
Sagada is located in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) and about 275 km. from Manila and the longest traveled I ever encountered. The weather here is like in Baguio that's why I really like this place, a whole round of cold weather(well that's life!).
The first thought that came into my mind when I first saw the place was how very good the people here to preserved their own cultures, you'll see a lot of natives everywhere wearing their traditional clothes. Most of the houses here are already converted to modern stone houses like in Manila, we can't blame them because a lot of tourist already discover the place and I'm sure fell-in-love with it too. The coolest thing about Sagada is that the second language the people here are using is English not Tagalog, but they also know how to speak Tagalog, you have to talk to children in English for you to be able to communicate to them or else they don't bother to talk to you, and take note they even have accent! (the best!!!) and we talked to some locals here and they said that they studied it in school but not just English but also Spanish and French(Wow!!!). And also we found out from our tourist guides that Sagada once submerged billion of years ago and you can find Limestone here, so now you're thinking how about Manila if Sagada was submerged underwater for the fact that now this place is about 1,500+ meters above sea level, well believe it because we saw it with our own eyes a lot of shells mold in the walls inside the cave that looks like it's been there a long long time ago.

At the Dance floor between Lumiang Cave and Sumaging Cave

Our whole Sagada trip was a whole new experience for all us, for most of us that was the first time we did endless walking, trekking, caving, spelunking, and climbing and we are proud to say that "We really really survive SAGADA!!".

How to get there:
Via Baguio
Take Victory Liner in Cubao and drop off to Baguio terminal, travel is about 6 hours and P450 bus fare. Take a cab to Lizardo Bus Terminal(less than P50 since cab in Baguio is so affordable) ride to Baguio to Sagada is another 6 hours and P220 bus fare, the roads here are now cemented so don't worry, only few rough roads remaining when you reach the crossing of Sagada and Bontoc. 

Via Bontoc
Take Cable Tour Bus in E. Rod in front of Trinity College to Bontoc, fare is P650 and about 11-12hours ride(awww!) the route of this bus is from Manila-Banaue-Bontoc. From Bontoc you can ride a jeepney going to Sagada for 30-45mins for P50.
For reservation in Cable Tour you can call Kuya Bert in 09185216790. The Bus only travel once a day every 8PM.

There are a lot of hotels in Sagada where you can stay. But I personally recommend Residential Lodge, Tita Mary here is very accommodating and very kind plus the place is really good. You can cook food here if you want and they also have heater in the bathroom. You can also use the common room for your do-it-yourself night life since Sagada have curfew and no establishment is open late at night. Well that's the sad part in Sagada. NO NIGHT LIFE!
You can call Tita Mary Daoas at 09196728744 for reservation.

Other hotels in Sagada:*
George’s Guesthouse – 0918 548 0406
A-7 House 0921 287 6093
Billy’s House 0921 603 2745
Churya-a 0906 430 0853
Mapiyaaw Pension 0921 390 0560
Rocky Valley Inn 0918 643 2784
Rock Inn 0920 909 5899
Yabami Lodge 0920 411 9976
Gecko Inn 0920 289 5471
Igorot Inn 0928 630 5479
Olahbinan 0928 406 7647
Travelers’ Inn 0920 799 2960
Alapo’s – 0921 327 9055
Alfredo’s Inn – 0918 588 3535
Ganduyan – 0921 273 8097
Ganduyan – 0921 273 8097
Sagada Homestay – 0919 702 838
Tour Guide inquiries:
You can get a tour guides in the Town Municipal or in the Tourist Center near the Residential Lodge. 
You can call kuya James of Tourist Center at 09127507249. They are very kind and very fun to be with and also during the cave-to-cave connection they will protect your cameras from getting wet.
Just a tip, tour guide is a MUST when you are a first timer in the place and during the cave to cave connections.

-Cave-to-cave connection (Lumiang Cave to Sumaguing Cave) just a good advice here, when the tour guide ask you if you want to do the tunneling just say YES, you will get wet for sure but the experience is worth it!

Tour in Sagada:
Here are some of the places we tour during our stayed in Sagada:

Rice terraces, you have to walk this whole rice field going to Bumod-ok falls

Bumod-ok Falls or the Big Falls, you can swim here for free

Along the way through the Bumod-ok falls you will see a rusty bridge that's looks like too weak to cross to but its not. You'll see me and my jumping-on-bridges buddy Rap in the picture below.

Sugong hanging coffins, there is no way you can go near the hanging coffins, the people said that's too dangerous

Lumiang Burial Cave, you can see the traditional burial site. 
The starting point of cave to cave connection adventure

Rock formations inside Lumiang Cave and Sumaguing Cave

End of Cave-to-cave connection

After of hours and hours of cave to cave connection the team finally arrived at the end of the adventure
Sumaguing Cave Entrance

Echo Valley
Few meters away from the town hall near the ospital in the right you will see an old bell, they said it signifies the American influence in the town.
Few meters away from the old bell is the St. Mary the Virgin Church
Near the St. Mary School and the church is the cemetery where the veterans were buried.

Going to the hanging coffins is ofcourse not that easy. We encountered a very narrow path along the way, wrong move and its gonna be your end. :)

And at last we arrived at the Hanging Coffins. You will notice that there are names that were mark on each of the coffins, the two locals that helped us during our Echo Valley tour said that its there "Igorot names", they said that each of them have two names given to them when they were born, their "Igorot Name" and their "Christian Names" (Cool!)

During our way out we also crossed the Underground River.

Another attraction in Sagada is the Kiltepan View point, this place is supposed to be a scenery for sun rise and a view of rice terraces but during our stayed their mother nature won't let us see the beauty of the morning sunshine. It was sooo foggy that time, even though we chose to stayed their for a couple of more minutes still the fog won't fade away. :(

Other places in Sagada that you can tour:
Demang village
Lake Danum
Mt. Ampacao
Bokong Falls or the Small falls

Food. .food. .and ofcourse FOOD!
There are a lot of food you have to try in Sagada. There are also a lot of restaurant here but the price is like in Manila.

Yoghurt house - the carbonara is a MUST TRY here. Very creamy. They serve big servings here in the right price and ofcourse you have to try their yoghurt.

Masferre - a lot of varity of food to choose from. This is the only restaurant that we ate during our stay that offer a literally plain white rice (the others serve with mix organic rice)

Strawberry Cafe - the home made chocolate cake here is the Must try. Not nakakaumay  when you taste it.

Cafe St. Joe  - no comment but nice place

Lemon Pie house - the egg pie here is good as well as the lemon pie (if you like a mixture of sweet and sour food. .I'm bad in tasting food sorry! can't describe it clearly). The lemon tea is very nice the taste is so relaxing. We tried the Pinikpikan here out of curiousity  although most of us don't like it (sorry! kanya kanyang pansalasa yan e)

Log Cabin Restaurant - during our stay in Sagada we haven't try to eat here because we forgot to reserve our supposed to be Saturday dinner here. They conducted a French buffet every Saturday that cost for about P350 per person and you have to reserve the day before the dinner and you have to pay P100 per person.

Halo-halo with macaroni pasta - this is a MUST TRY. You can buy this in the sidewalk or in the Saturday Market.

Other info in Sagada:
Every Saturday morning there is a market near the town hall, its like mini-Divisoria of the town, you can buy fresh vegetable, fruits, dried fish, ukay-ukay, tools and etc. named it! all of it in a low low prices. We bought 1kilo of tomatoes as big as apples for about P15 only.
Try also to visit the Sagada weaving, the workers here are awesome(Bow to them!) they do everything MANUALLY. (two thumbs up!)

For a Do-it-yourself travel to Sagada, please click here. I'll try to post detailed info about Sagada.

I would like to thanks my Sagada buddies for the whole trip of adventure and fun. Thanks to Aane Perez, Ef Lopez, Khoi Dela Cruz, Jovy Felarca, Bell Salac, Rey Cupan, Utchie Garcia and Rap Mallari.


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