Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin

A giant cross was built on solidified lava to mark the site of the graves of the ancestors of Camiguin.

Tinago Falls of Iligan City

A hidden gem in the City of Falls

Mayon Volcano of Albay

The perfect cone volcano of Legazpi, Albay

Whale Sharks of Donsol

The gentle giants of Donsol, Sorsogon


Our first visit to Singapore was last January 2011 when we had our 4days SG-KL vacation, and this was the first country I visited outside Philippines, and I must say I felt comfortable in this place. A lot of things are very different in this country compared to ours. The roads are very clean, people are disciplined in crossing the roads, buses are required to pick up and drop off passengers at bus stops only, there are designated smoking areas, and I can go on with the list overnight. Let’s just say I felt some level of security here that now I am currently living here as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) turning this place as my second home.

Singapore is a country in a small island in South-East Asia. This place has a diverse environment where you will see different races from all over the world-locals, Filipinos, Malay, Indians, etc.

Singapore is also a very traveller-friendly country. Transportation is convenient and organized, and safety is not a question here.

The country has 4 airports, Terminals 1-3 (T1), (T2), (T3) and the Budget Terminal. T1 to T3 are all connected via monorail, and there is a shuttle bus from T2 to Budget terminal and vice versa. All modes are free of charge.

Upon arrival in Singapore, you can purchase an ez-link card. This card is a stored value card used by the commuters in MRT, LRT and busses. You can purchase the card in any ticket offices in train stations for 12SGD , where you can used 7SGD and the remaining 5SGD is non-refundable. 
Here is the train map of Singapore:
Do not forget to tap your ez-link card when your riding and alighting the bus. If it is your first time in the country, do not forget that if you ride a bus ALWAYS enter in the front door, the one near the bus driver. When alighting, you can used either the 2 doors.

You can use google maps or for suggestions on how to get to the places you want to visit. Both sites will suggest on what train station you will ride and alight or what bus number are you going to take and where. I personally used

I will update as soon as I can on the places you can visit in Singapore.

CDO-Iligan-Bukidnon-Camiguin Itinerary

Sorry for the super late post.

Click the links of the places and foods we tried during our trip
Day 1
Arrival at Lumbia Airport (CDO)
Arrival at The Loft Inn
Dinner at Butcher’s Best BBQ and yogurt in Kiwi Swirl
Back to The Loft Inn

Day 2
Wake up time
Travel to hotel to Bulua Terminal (west bound buses) to Iligan City
Click here on how to go to Iligan City from CDO and vice versa
Iligan City bus terminal
   1100H – 1300H
NPC - Maria Cristina Falls
From NPC we hired a habal-habal to take us to Tinago Falls and Mimar's Resort (Php 500)
   1330H – 1400H
For our lunch we asked our kuyang habalhbal to take us to Lechon-an in front of Mimar's Resort. They said that Iligan City offer the best Lechon in Mindanao
   1430H – 1600H
   1630H – 1800H
Travel back to CDO
Late dinner at Divisoria weekend Market
Back to The Loft Inn

Day 3
Wake up time
ZIPZONE Shuttle meeting place at Coffee Works Divisoria beside Ateneo
   1000H – 1200H
   1200H – 1300H
Lunch at Dahilayan Park
   1300H – 1500H
Travel back to CDO
   1530H – 1700H
We tried to check Paras Sea Cat at the pier to have early reservation but they told us that the boats were dock and all travel schedules to Camiguin were cancelled

   1730H - 2000H
CDO Mall
   2100H – 2200H
Coffee time at Bo’s Coffee
Back to The Loft Inn

Day 4
Wake up time
Breakfast at Jollibee Divisoria(meeting place)
   0800H – 0900H
Travel to jump off site for White Water Rafting
   0930H – 1300H
White water rafting in CDO River
   1330H – 1430H
Wash up
   1430H – 1530H
Late lunch
   1530H – 1630H
Travel back to Divisoria
Check in to Willshire Inn
   1730H – 1900H
Free time
Went to Kagay headquarter to get the souvenirs
   1930H – 2100H
Dinner at Lokal Grill and Seafood then Big Flat Bread
Back to Willshire Inn

Day 5
Click here on how to go to Camiguin and vice versa
For the summary of our Camiguin adventure, please click here 
Wake up time
Travel to Agora terminal
   0630H – 0830H
Travel from Agora Terminal to Balingoan Terminal

Walk to Balingoan Port
   0840H – 0940H
Travel from Balingoan Port to Benoni Port
   0940H – 1030H
Travel from Benoni Port to Action Geckos Dive and Adventure resort
   1100H – 1200H
Quick Lunch at the Resort
   1230H – 1240H
Travel from resort to Katibawasan Falls
   1240H – 1330H
Katibawasan Falls
   1330H – 1410H
Travel to Sto. Nino Cold Spring
   1415H – 1515H
Sto. Nino Cold Spring
   1515H – 1540H
Travel to Soda water swimming pool
   1545H – 1610H
Soda water swimming pool
   1610H – 1620H
Travel to Old Church Ruins
   1620H – 1640H
Old Church Ruins
   1640H – 1650H
Travel to Sunken Cemetery
   1650H – 1700H
Sunken Cemetery
   1700H – 1710H
Travel to Brgy. Yumbing Terminal
   1710H – 1720H
Travel to White Island
   1720H – 1800H
White Island
   1800H – 1830H
Travel to Ardent Hot Spring
   1830H – 2100H
Ardent Hot Spring

Take out dinner at Ardent restaurant
Back to resort

Day 6
Wake up time

Breakfast in the resort
   0830H – 0900H
Travel to Vjandep bakeshop
   0900H – 0930H
Vandep bakeshop for pastel
   0930H – 1000H
Travel back to resort
   1000H – 1030H
   1030H – 1100H
Travel to J&A fishpen
   1100H – 1230H
Lunch at J&A fishpen
   1250H – 1350H
Travel From Benoni Port to Balingoan Port
   1400H - 1600H
Travel to Agora Terminal
   1600H – 1630H
Travel to airport
   1730H – 1830H
Travel to Manila

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